My New Dog Named Eva

On Sunday I was really excited because I was getting my new dog named Eva. She is really sweet, she loves bellyrubs and knows acouple tricks! She can sit, laydown, sit pretty, and stay. She loves treats and wags her tail alot! She can run really fast and you can get exercise just by chasing her! We have had four other dogs in our family but this is the first to have a tail and she is a Beagle and all the other ones were Brittney’s! Eva is a great new addition to our family and she still needs to be a little trained with separation because she can’t stand being alone and whenever someone leaves the house she starts crying! We have to take her on walks all the time because she is very energetic and she loves to sniff and explore! She loves to meet new people and gets attached quickly. If you have any questions please comment!!!!!!!!!!

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